Home Ownership

Find and Rent is also a FULL SERVICE real estate company. We offer distinct advantages over our competitors by having an in depth knowledge of all aspects of real estate. We want to help with your housing needs no matter if you are renting or buying.

We have a number of home buying options

  • Normal sale with 5-20% down
  • Seller finance with 5-50% down
  • Lease option- Option fee can be from 2-3% of purchase price
  • Home Ownership Program

Normal Sale

We will help you determine if you can qualify for conventional financing and explore all of your options!

Seller Finance

You will receive all of the benefits from home ownership but do not have to go through the loan process. This is generally a great option for someone that needs time to fix their credit. In a set period of time 1-10 years, the buyer (you) will have to establish your own financing.

Lease Option

Another great way to own a home is to allow us to find a lease option property for you. This gives you the option to purchase the home in a set period of time at a set price. This is generally a 1-3 year agreement. This allows you to own a home and begin addressing items in your financing that need to be changed to secure your own financing. This can be the least expensive option to get into home ownership.

Home Ownership Program

This is a very innovative program that will help you achieve your ownership goals. After our initial assessment we may decide that renting for a period of time is your best option. You will pay a fee to join this program and when you purchase your home, we will credit this fee back to you!! We will help you find a rental property, set you up in a credit repair program, and offer you coaching, guidance, and education to get you to home ownership!
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